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I'm Anna! I live in the lovely Herefordshire countryside with my young family.  This journal is all about the world of interior design with a focus on heritage style and modern accents.  I love to inspire readers with ideas on colour, pattern, styling and art.  

Even with a limited budget it's totally possible to change the look of a room with a new colour on the wall or some new prints added into the mix.   I hope you have an inspirational and enjoyable read and thank you so much for visiting! 

A bit more about me....

I grew up in London during the awesome 80's in which I moved many times whilst my mum and dad, a property developing duo, transformed houses and flats into big open contemporary spaces; there was lots of marble, white walls, modern furniture and huge canvases.  Later when we moved to the countryside I remember small scale patterned wallpaper, floral fabrics and rag rolled terracotta coloured walls with french armchairs and antique busts - as a result I've always been interiors obsessed and style conscious and I guess my own style is a real mix of traditional and contemporary.  House Anna is all about the love of muted colour, grandeur (on a budget), chintz, modern art, heritage colours and contemporary accents all geared towards creating everyday liveable spaces.  I'm also studying Interior Design at KLC in London and designing a collection of prints and patterns for homewares coming soon to the shop.  

If you'd like to work with me or have any interior design projects you need help with please do get in touch below. 

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