As we’re fast approaching the end of another year, which amazingly seems to have flashed passed us, I always like to look back at my major yearly goals listed in the notes section of my diary. It seems I’ve actioned quite a few things which is great, namely launching my homeware shop and painting my hallway. There is however one thing that I’ve been a little lame at making happen, and that is, quote, “do more lunch dates at home and host dinner parties”. Thankfully this one’s not too late to make happen….

LSA International stunning collection of handmade glassware perfect for home entertaining
Luxury dining with the help of LSA International handmade glassware
Fine dining at home with LSA International using their stunning handmade glassware perfect for long lunches and dinner parties.jpg


I am, maybe like lots of you, a little bit daunted by the idea of hosting at home. It’s not so much on the food front, but the table and drinks element which I always leave to the last minute and never get quite right. I’ve learnt though, that simply being equipped with the right kit makes stuff like this a whole lot easier and all you need is a few simple “wow” pieces on the table to create the perfect scene.


When LSA International got in touch asking if I would like to collaborate with them, it was like the universe had answered my prayers and I excitedly accepted their kind offer for me to pick some stunning glassware pieces from their beautiful collections, an element of entertaining which is clearly vital, and one that I desperately needed to glam up on for an upcoming lunch date at home. Thus meaning I could finally kick my current and very boring glasses to the curb and really create a lovely tablescape perfect for entertaining with.

House Anna with LSA International using luxury handmade cocktail glasses perfect for home entertaining
LSA International luxury handmade glassware perfect for home entertaining and fine dining
LSA International stunning handmade glassware perfect for luxury fine dining at home


Honestly glassware is something that I’ve always put on the back burner, but it really does make or break the look and style of a table. I’ve seen so many table layouts on Instagram that look incredible, and actually the style, colour and design of the glassware is a major element of how the look turns out. If you’ve not heard of LSA International before, they’ve in fact been around for a very long time, successfully designing everyday and special occasion contemporary collections for bar, table and decoration since 1966, winning lots of awards in the process. Incredibly their glassware is mouth-blown and created in Poland by skilled artisans, an element about the brand I love.

After lengthy consideration I ended up picking this pretty set of cocktail/champagne glasses and decanter from the TATRA collection. I love the contemporary vibe these pieces have and upon researching them a bit more it turns out this range is inspired by the folk traditions of woodworking, clearly evident in the hand carved pattern detail (and, as you know I do love a good pattern!). I think my favourite feature was the sleek stem of the glass and the assortment of pattern in the set which makes for something a little different and less uniform, very on-trend. I mirrored this element by using my own napkins from the shop in two different designs to mix it up.

Luxury handmade glassware and accessories by LSA International for home entertaining and fine dining
House Anna using LSA International handmade glassware for home entertaining
LSA International stunning collection of handmade glassware including cocktail glasses perfect for luxury home entertaining


Although these glasses are for cocktails and champagne, I used mine for a pre-lunch G&T and actually think this is the perfect chic glass for my favourite tipple. In addition to this, I also used the decanter to hold my Aperol Spritz (love this drink after having it in Spain a few weeks ago) and adding it to my soda water, ice and lemon already in the glass. Beautifully heavy and solid, the decanter really creates the wow factor, a piece that will stand the test of time and be passed down through the generations. The cut glass pattern of the hand-ground stopper and base is quite frankly sensational…honestly this is such a stunning piece to adorn your drinks trolley or side cabinet with!

House Anna and LSA International perfect handmade glassware for decadent dining everyday.jpg
LSA International beautiful handmade glassware cocktail glasses perfect for home entertaining solutions
Fine dining with LSA International stunning handmade glassware, cocktail glasses and decanter perfect for home entertaining

I used a rustic table which created a stunning backdrop for the contemporary themed glassware, something I love to do lots, mixing old with new. I added a few flower buds to the scene and pretty name cards from Papier.

I could easily replicate this for any themed seasonal dinner party, add a few candles into the mix, which would make the glasses sparkle even more, and throw in some seasonal greenery.

AND VOILA! Super happy with my choice of glassware and I know these designs will be so versatile for future occasions! Finally, it feels great to know I am giving guests the nicest glasses to drink out of. (I’ll also be using my TATRA glasses for my regular G&T’s on a normal day, no special occasion required!).

For a look at this collection and everything else over at LSA International, head to

Thank you to LSA International for gifting these to me, and as always I only write the odd sponsored post with brands I adore, and know you will too.