I love this time of year and get incredibly excited about the potential Christmas decoration colour schemes I can create for the house and Christmas tree.  I grew up in the 80's which was all about multi-coloured lights, full on tinsel and eye popping multi-coloured baubles; I knew it would come back on the scene eventually and this year it's hit the peak!  After a visit to my local National Trust property Croombe Court and wondering around the Hare Krishna dining room which was re-decorated by them in the funky 70's,  I fell in love with this gorgeous bit of panelling in soft blue, pink and gold and decided to base my theme on this this year! So whilst still being colourful, this would have a few more pastel tones here and there.  

I tried to find some nice pastel baubles but got bored of hunting around so for the first time I have attempted to do a bit of Christmas craft.  Lets just say I am so inpatient and really messy when it comes to stuff like this but I'm fairly pleased with the results and quite like the homemade sort of quirky look.   I have also crafted a few gold leaves for the fireplace and added lots more hand painted baubles into the mix my daughter made.  To make the baubles it was just a case of mixing up some water based paint, dipping some glittered baubles in (this variety allow the paint to have something to stick to), leaving to dry and then embellishing with some glitter! Loads of fun!   

What colour scheme have you gone for this year?

A X 

Anna Williams