I'm on staycation this weekend so I'm posting a tad earlier than usual.  We're heading down to Salcombe for a spot of camping which I'm really looking forward to.  Even if its cold, wet and windy it'll be lovely to have a break from the routine and get some sea air.  I've got my sketch pad and pen at the ready which I always take with me on getaways. Its lovely to load up a flask of tea, find a quiet spot and doodle and draw patterns with a new view!


Is it time you got your paintbrush out too and let off some creative steam?..... Every now and then I get my easel out and paint something weird and crazy to come up with ideas for patterns, I find it's a really useful way of experimenting with colours and shapes before sitting down to draw out a print.  It'a a really relaxing thing to do especially if you think you are not a creative person - you might be very surprised.  Experiment! 


This week I thought I would share with you some art which inspires me everyday when I'm knee deep in studying or busy planning business ideas...from none other than my pops John Williams. JW as we call him, has been painting since forever and has had some pretty cool Exhibitions in London over the years.  He is now creating some new works which are really exciting and we're hoping to do a new Exhibition this year! Of course its hard to tell the size of a painting from a photograph, all of these are pretty big.  Much of JW's style is driven for his love of contemporary architecture and his family history in collecting ancient artefacts.  Here are a few of my favourite oldies and newbies!


Do you like these? Are you a painter or are you thinking of starting to paint? I hope these have inspired you.  

Right, off to pack a ridiculous amount of clothes and shoes....look out for some Instagram holiday pics in the coming few days!