Hey guys, so with Summer now officially here in the UK (yeah right!) I thought I would give you a shower of flowery botanical delight in the form of House of Hackney! This is the first of my blog post series where I take a closer look at the designers and retailers I admire and spread the love! This month it is the turn of House of Hackney. Founded in 2010 by husband and wife duo Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gornley, the print based lifestyle brand offers a wide range of homewares, accessories and fashion and is simply divine! Its right up my street and is pure English Heritage made modern, bold and very exciting. 

I N  L O V E!! 

In the last few years there has been a strong revival of bold floral print, on fabrics and wallpaper.  We have seen it numerous times on the catwalks and now these uber strong dense patterns are being thrust at us from every direction in the interiors world; the days of minimalist white walls are gradually fading (for now) and the future is a maximalist foray into the world of big bold and beautiful prints!!!.  Of course the Godfather of florals William Morris has played a key role in this revival and indeed the main man served as a great source of inspiration for House of Hackney, and now with the addition of some remastered William Morris designs to their collection, the partnership of old and new has reached sheer perfection. I just love the braverly of it all, the colours, the mismatch of prints and the theatrical style they so successfully create is pretty addictive! So tuck on in to my top 5 favourite picks from their online store below! (Its high end so expect lots of ££££)

1. Brass Pineapple Candle Holder.  L O V E  this - pop on a console table, mantlepiece, dining table or quite frankly anywhere! - £185.00 - BUY HERE

2. Trellis Wallpaper Crepe.  I am very partial to a trellis print and would actually wallpaper my kitchen in the yellow Chartreuse shade but I adore the soft pinks and greys for a bedroom or downstairs loo - £148.00 per roll - BUY HERE

3. Ananas Pineapple with Daley Acanthus Lampshade Set in Aegean Blue/Midnight - £495.00 - no words - BUY HERE

4. Hackney Empire Large Cotton Cuhion Ochre Stripe - this gorgeous cushion just reminds me of the South of France - £148.00 - BUY HERE

5. Palmeral Mug White/Green - I couldn't resist picking something featuring  this iconic print.   My fear however, is that because it's already been replicated by lots of other designers, one might tire of it too quickly on anything vaguely perminant so although not showing it off in its full glory, this little mug does a pretty good job (plus gold rim delight!) - £25.00 - BUY HERE

House of Hackney is undeniably brave and bold and thats great but even just picking out some key pieces, slowly introducing them into your home, and mixing them in with what you have can showcase your fun, adventurous design style and make a statement! 

 A X