Granny Chic Interior Style.

Hey guys! So following on from my recent post where I showed you how to start finding your own style  I thought it only right to share more about what I think my own style is - and that is Granny Chic. 

What is Granny Chic?

We'll all probably have a slightly different take on this if we think back to our own granny's house but in basic terms it's about taking interior styles from what you might associate with your granny's house - things like classic patterned wallpapers, rustic flooring, worn fabrics, eclectic art, antiquities and vintage and retro furniture and then adding in contemporary and modern accents.  It's all about embracing traditional style and bringing it up to date. 

This eclectic look is totally open to interpretation and there is no fixed "style" but if you work with the formula above then you can easily create the granny chic look and really make it unique to you.   The interesting thing is that many of us might already have this look in our homes if we have inherited old family furniture and antiques - it's about making the most of these whilst carefully adding in modern styles too.  

Check out a few visual's from my Granny Chic Pinterest Board to get the idea.

It's in no way frumpy or messy 

Although it might sound a bit mishy mashy,  cluttered and old fashioned I can assure you it is a really chic, sophisticated and arty look.  An old floral sofa from the 80's will take on a completely different feel when paired with a modern coffee table and ultra contemporary artwork - it's all about putting together the old, traditional, vintage items and throwing in a few modern pieces. 

Granny Chic Interior Style.
Granny ChicInterior Style.

Images from Cassandra Ellis Interiors

Soho Farmhouse and Granny Chic 

The granny chic style is really becoming a movement in the interiors world.  Top hotels and restaurants are running with it.  With the likes of Soho House adopting the Granny Chic vibe in their rooms and restaurants, I think it's safe to say the granny chic look has firmly been cemented as a great route to go down in your interior.  

Photo images by Soho House

How to get the look

1. USE PATTERN - ideally a classic trellis or floral print on fabrics and/or walls if you're feeling brave.  Add contrasting pattern detail with scatter cushions by using a paisley print like this by Nicolas Herbert. Pattern clashing is simple if you just work with two or three colours which run through each design. 

2. RICH COLOUR & TEXTURE - Add deep greens, reds and mustards with lighter shades thrown in to freshen the look up. Try velvets and corduroys in your soft furnishings for added depth.  Invest in a quirky sofa like this one from Abigail Ahern.

3. WORN GRANDEUR - Lovely old pieces of furniture, a mix of retro and vintage with worn fabrics and perhaps a bit of fringe detail - ideally on lampshades! like this one from House of Hackney

4. ART & ANTIQUITIES - An eclectic mix of old masters and modern art with thick ornate gold frames, busts and contemporary sculptures.  Try this bust from Maison Du Monde or this artwork from Society 6.  

Maison du Monde bust granny chic style

5. CONTEMPORARY ELEMENTS - Add in pops of modern and contemporary accents like glass shelving, a perspex side table or a sleek coffee table like this one from Swoon 

Why I love the granny chic look

1. It creates a really warm and inviting atmosphere - with lots of texture and depth. 

2. It has a nostalgic feel which creates a comfortable and homely vibe. 

3. It has stacks of character. 

4. It's interesting and unique to you. 

5. It allows you to incorporate lots of styles and looks. 

6. It's true to eclectic interior design. 

7.  It's fun and creative. 

8.  It's easy to chop and change as you go along - you can always be on the look-out for interesting pieces - though be sure to remove something from the room and replace it to avoid the cluttered look.  

Granny Chic Interior style

So there we have the basics of the Granny Chic look - it can go any number of ways so have a play.  By keeping your main focus on the traditional and adding pops of modern you can't go too wrong!

Do you like this eclectic look? Leave me your comments.