Camilla Pearl studio space.

So I while ago I announced that I was going to set up shop on here and start selling some of my products, which I'm VERY excited about and I've already had lots of interest in, which is fab.  I thought I would give you a little update on how the shop is coming along and a look at a few of the prints in progress.   I'm also planning to update this creative office space and have made a list of elements I need to work on in order to transform it from blank canvas to dream creative space!   


So this above is my little painting corner where I visit a few times a week to thrash out new ideas for prints and develop existing ones.   I LOVE to use watercolours and acrylic paints to play with abstract patterns and colours and always pin up my little paintings on the wall so I can see they look from a distance.  For me it's about going back to basics and doing as much of the designing process by hand as possible, the computer work only comes in at the end when I'm putting the designs into repeats and changing up colours but sometimes I don't even do that.   The washbag you can see in the gold hanging shelf is one of the patterns which has made the final cut and will be made up into homewares and accessories.  At the moment I'm busy prepping a few more designs for printing, looking at the samples and making changes and alterations.  This is so time consuming but I'm aiming to have everything up by the end of November, eeek! Expect linen teatowels, wash bags, cushions, notepads, cards and art prints! ** UPDATE **


I am super lucky to have this room at my mum's where I can work from and store all of my paints, books, magazines, brushes, and materials BUT the room itself doesn't work as well as it could because I have no storage (the key to happiness), so I want to give it a revamp. I come here to paint patterns and also to do admin stuff on my Mac so like many home offices the space has a dual purpose.  I have made a list of the key elements needed to make a success of this space! Do you think I have covered everything?..... 

SHELVING - This is KEY.  I need a good expanse of shelving for books, magazines and a few nice sculptures and objects which help inspire me.

DESK - I'm currently relying on a couple of really old desks which are cute but I think I may need something a bit more modern and definitely need a larger surface area.  I love super contemporary desks so may have a look at glass tops or perspex. 

PINBOARDS - I keep anything and everything that I love, from postcards to magazine snippets and would love to display these nicely.  I still also have some small paper bags that I collected in my teenage years.  I had an enormous pile of the prettiest paper bags from shopping trips and used to study the designs, shapes and colour!  

WALLS - I love white walls but I also love the idea of colour and thinking of pink in particular - I need to buy a huge year planner too.   

STORAGE - Along with the shelving, I also need a few storage solutions for paperwork and filing boring things, oh and packaging. 

BLINDS - Most definitely need a blind to keep the sunlight out on occasion.  I really don't want to spend a lot on this though.  Maybe I'll make my own...gulp...   

LIGHTING - I've been dreaming of a lovely gold desk light and a couple of bigger table lamps dotted around.

RUG - The existing light beige carpet is totally fine, if a bit dull.  I would love to rip it up but think the floorboards are in pretty bad condition so a nice big friendly rug could be the solution. 

BIN - When was the last time I fell in love with a bin and just had to buy it? I don't think that's ever happened, but I'm determined to find a nice one.  

OFFICE ACCESSORIES - I would like a nice in-tray or two and pretty pencil pot.  I also need more pots to house my paintbrushes in. 

CHAIR - I have literally only just remembered an insanely important element to this room, how could I have nearly forgotten this!!! A SUPER STYLISH GORGEOUS OFFICE CHAIR.

Have I missed anything??? Look out for the full mood board and plan of action in a few weeks time, in the meantime, I'll mainly be hanging out on my dedicated office board below over at Pinterest to get some style ideas.  Are you planning an office makeover or wanting a new look for a home office/creative space? I would LOVE to hear all about it!