The world of interiors and fashion are, in so many ways, the same thing.  For me the pieces I wear are as important as the colour I paint my walls.  I'm not in any way a fashion guru but I love to be creative with my clothing and many of the rules I apply to interior design are applicable to how I dress everyday. 


So my clothing mantra - mixing VINTAGE with a bit of INDEPENDENT and HIGHSTREET, nothing new there but for me COLOUR is the main ingredient and I love to wear no more than TWO to THREE max colours with pops of jewellery or a hint of pattern in the form of a scarf or patterned shoes.  If I'm wearing a print or some sparkle, I'll go minimal on the accessories and keep the rest of the outfit plain and simple.   I buy more or less all of my jewellery from Primark because my two girls always seem to find and raid my jewellery box, often destroying or losing anything they get their little paws on,  so I just cannot justify spending big in this area.  If I do, I'll always visit Hush, their jewels are stunning and not hideously expensive.  I also have a thing for 80's earings and love scouting out vintage pieces!   Audrey Hepburn is, without doubt, my style icon and I always refer to how she would have worn super simple, block colours in a really elegant and understated way with the odd flash of pattern or inexpensive costume jewellery. 


This is something I'm becoming more and more interested in, how our clothes are actually produced.   The sweatshop stories terrify me but it's reassuring to see many of the bigger brands responding to the need for transparent and responsible manufacturing.  If I could afford to shop more from independent and ethical brands I would but I'm at least trying to weave more of these sorts of purchases into my wardrobe.  

I recently came across two gorgeous independent brands who tick the ethical box.  Their collections are so beautifully timeless and, are carefully and responsibly manufactured.  Introducing Antibad and Blake!  


I love and appreciate everything about the Antibad ethos. Antibad sell a contemporary collection of ethically produced and sustainable fashion items and accessories.  From vegan shoes to jeans made out of old ones and one-off vintage items.   The designs are gorgeous and timeless yet contemporary, and price wise they certainly are not ridiculous.   I've popped a few of my current favourites below including this cute tartan skirt £70, Navy Jumper £150 and dress £250.  Visit for the full collection and more information on the wonderful likeminded brands they work with. 

Antibad store.jpg
Antibad Clothing Store.jpg
Antibad Store

Images by Antibad Store 


I stumbled upon this glorious brand whilst scrolling through my Instagram and immediately fell in love with the effortlessly stylish and beautifully cut knitwear collections.  Blake's knitwear has a super contemporary feel but again is timeless, clean and understated which I just adore.  You can see the quality is impeccable and although this is punching at the maximum I would pay our for a jumper, I do have the Ardmore sweater and Sampras V Neck on my wish list.    Blake also have the most wonderful Journal which accompanies their online store, with a look at "Blake Women" who share snippets from their lives, careers and inspirations.  

Blake Knitwear London
Blake Knitwear
Blake London

Images by Blake, London

I will from time to time share some of my fashion finds so I hope you enjoy this new series of blog posts! Do you like these brands? How do you shop for your clothes? I'm going to post my top 5 wardrobe essentials next time so look out for that in the coming weeks. 

Till next time, 

Anna X