As you may or may not know, I live in the gorgeous Herefordshire countryside so I'm surrounded by an abundance of greenery.  It's about as green as it gets here and I'm so grateful.  Despite having a lovely big front garden and a vegetable patch, I don't "do" a whole lot.  I'm waiting for the moment I suddenly become obsessed with frantically pruning the roses or picking all of the ripe tomatoes before the frost gets them.   I do however love to "watch" the garden and enjoy adding touches of greenery to my decor.  A while ago I wrote a post about three ways to style your mantelpiece, and one of the looks was this bold green styled up fireplace below.     

Camilla Pearl greenery display at home on the mantelpiece, ideas for adding touches of greenery and florals to your decor. 


London Terrariums products and workshops. 

The one thing though that's missing on the mantelpiece or in fact on the shelving, coffee table or side table.....a fabulous terrarium like these above.  Massive in Australia and becoming increasingly popular here, a terrarium is like a mini garden inside a glass container with enough room for your little plants to breathe and grow.  Low maintenance and adorably sculptural, succulents and cacti seem to be the plant of choice.  From what I understand there is a base layer of pebbles, soil, then your plants, and a top layer of more pebbles or moss on top to finish the look.  Perfect for the urban dweller but an undeniably stylish decor object for anyone, anywhere, to own and enjoy.  Have any of you ever made your own? I'm determined to learn not just about properly constructing these gorgeous green additions, but also how to look after them (apparently lots easier than a regular house plant).


London Terrariums - workshops and shop in New Cross Street London SE14

As far as I know, no one in Herefordshire runs any terrarium workshops but I managed to stumble upon London Terrariums, a gorgeous terrarium shop based in SE14, who also run workshops.    I watched a brilliant short film by Adidas Women (the "Meet the Creators of London" is an awesome series by the way) featuring founder Emma Sibley, and it was so inspiring.   This could be the start of my fingers becoming seriously green and there's something really appealing about creating these mini greenhouses.   What a great way to unwind and connect with horticulture, something I know nothing about....yet.

"Gardening under glass in the urban environment. Our self-contained eco-systems bring the serendipity of an outdoor garden into the home"  - The magical words from London Terrariums. 

The passion and dedication that comes across, just from gazing at the website, is so inspiring and I would love to learn more.  There is a list of workshops HERE which run from now until January so there's plenty of time to get green-fingered before and after Christmas (might be a good winding down thing to do too). 

London Terrariums
London Terrariums workshop in progress
London Terrariums workshops 

What do you think? Are you as excited as me about the possibility of creating a terrarium? Are you already green fingered or like me, just at the start of your journey? I'll post my terrarium efforts as soon as I can! 

I'm in London next week and London Terrariums is on my visit list....find out more at

Anna X  

P.S Here's some more greenery and floral styling inspiration over at Pinterest. 

Cover Image and above terrarium images by London Terrariums