Camilla Pearl Prints


Hello lovely people! So I thought I would just give you a little update on the shop progress.  Lots of you have been asking when this will all be launching which I'm so happy and grateful for! It's been my dream for so many years to actually DO THIS, so now that it's happening and people are interested in it, is pretty epic in itself.  In a nutshell I'm nearly there and everything is coming together.  I've been chipping away everyday and achieving small milestones which has been a challenge but so enjoyable.   I totally TOTALLY  however, under-estimated the length of time it would take to actually get the final products printed, delivered and photographed which has been the main stumbling block (wish I had started this at the beginning of the year!).  It's taken weeks and weeks to a) decide on the two prints to run with and b) work through fabric swatches, receive print samples and decide on colour ways.   Luckily I'm so lucky to be working with some amazing UK based manufacturers who have been so kind and helpful.  I have a lovely fabric printer in Macclesfield, a bone china supplier in Stoke on Trent and a wallpaper printer in London, all of whom are amazing and so reliable and it's a joy to have everything at my fingertips in the UK.  My awesome fashion designer best friend in London has been getting my prints digitally prepared and print ready too which has been wonderful. 


My absolute main inspiration behind all this is, Laura Ashley.  I don't mean Laura Ashley nowadays, but back in the 80's when we had small scale pretty printed wallpaper pasted over the walls and cotton dungarees my mum made out of her awesome floral fabrics.  I still look back at this era of chintz and love it.  In stark contrast to this I also site Matisse and Picasso amongst my inspirations.  The bold use of abstract shape and colour are so amazing and freed up.  We inherited a cool collection of Eyptian artefacts from my art dealer grandparents which have always fascinated me, particularly the abstract hand painted detail on some of the black and red ceramics which are so fine and delicate.  


I actually had a go at this online selling lark a few years ago when I sold my wallpapers on Not On The High Street.  After a massive boost from Sanderson, Designers Guild and Liberty who looked at my designs and loved them (wowsers), I took the plunge and set up a little drop shipping business.  Before it really got going I got a bit side-tracked with baby no 2 and I decided to put it all on hold.  Now that Hattie is just about nearing the end of the terrible 2's,  I actually have energy post 3pm and have been able to crack on and create this first small collection.

I really hope to launch in the next couple of months, although I'm not going to put a date on it this time until I'm very very nearly there....

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you'll like the bits and pieces once they're up!