It's nearly that time of year folks! Yes, I think we can now speak the word that is "Christmas"  - just about. 

When it comes to the Christmas decorations I'm a steadfast multi-colour bauble addict.  I was an 80's kid so I always associate Christmas with an array of pinks, oranges, blues and purple baubles, gold tinsel and multi-coloured lights.   Regardless of my current home decor colour scheme, this is a time I can handle colour clashing in all its glory and thankfully the high street has answered my prayers with an abundance of beautifully coloured and detailed baubles for this year.  

Last year I bought a stash of plain glittered baubles from my local £ shop and dipped them in pastel paint, then got my glitter pen out and added some simple detail to the top (see rather messy examples below).   This year I'm going to buy a few extra baubles to add to these and others I have gathered over the years and have featured some of my favourites below.   I'm loving the dark blues, greens, burgundy and purples with golds inter-placed with bright pops of wild zigzag prints inspired by Mexico.   I'm also looking to using thin strips of multi-coloured velvet ribbon to hang baubles with which is another nice twist for this colourful look. 


Polly Wreford for Red Magazine


First up are these dipped glass baubles which come in gorgeous deep tones by Habitat and serve well as a base layer for the tree or table - £15 for a set of 3 -  BUY HERE

Glass dipped baubles by Habitat

Add in that zip of colour with a Mexican inspired bauble by Conran.  It's on the pricey side of £16 but IS pretty special? - BUY HERE

Conran glitter zigzag mexican inspired bauble

No tree is complete without a token bird, and this glittery robin by Designers Guild is a little cutey costing £12 - BUY HERE

Designers Guild Christmas decorations 2017

This bright green mercurised bauble at John Lewis is amazing! £5 - BUY HERE

John Lewis Christmas bauble

These mini baubles also by Designers Guild are great for padding out the tree and adding in a different scale element.  £24 for a set of 49 - BUY HERE

Mini baubles by Designers Guild for Christmas

For some nice and inexpensive embellishment try these pretty snowflake baubles from Matalan at £3 a pop - BUY HERE

Matalan Christmas decorations

A zip of traditional gold is a must and I love the shape of these by Amara. £10 for a set of 3 (also in blue) - BUY HERE

Amara geometric baubles

Oh my gosh how much do I love these! another set of stunners, the BOWIE baubles by Habitat are £12 for a set of 3 - BUY HERE

Habitat baubles multi coloured

A great collection of different shapes and sizes in beautiful turquoise shades by Heal's starting at £3 each - BUY HERE

Heal's Christmas decorations

The classic red bauble can be mixed in with this eclectic look too and this is a stunning little red number from Zara Home.  Set of 2 for £11.99 - BUY HERE

Zara Christmas Bauble

This is a fab set of muti-coloured baubles from John Lewis with a few embelished ones in the mix too. £25 for a pack of 20 baubles - BUY HERE

John Lewis multi-coloured bauble set

I hope that's got you inspired to go multi-coloured.

There's more Christmas decor inspiration on my dedicated Pinterest board below, with more neutral schemes in the mix too.