I was recently invited to view a new collection by one of my favourite print designers Antoinette Poisson in the heart of Paris and I'm super excited to be visiting the studio some time this year if I can (annoyingly I couldn't make the event!).  I couldn't quite wait till then to share the story though, so here is an introduction to the über chic parisian designers that have all my interior print desires covered and I think you'll love them to! 

Antionette Poisson Studio in Paris - photo by Adrian Briscoe for House and Garden 

A print by Antionette Poisson - photo image by Adrian Briscoe for House and Garden 

I've always been obsessed with wallpapers from the 18th century.  Do you ever have that vision of discovering an ancient artwork or wallpaper hidden behind the walls of an old house? It's one of my dreams which is why I instantly connected with these designs.....

The Antionette Poisson studio in Paris bring back to life and produce domino wallpapers - the predecessor to the rolls of wallpaper we are familiar with today.  Drawn from original eighteenth century documents (usually linings in hat boxes or on book covers), each domino paper (measuring only 42cm x 32cm) is expertly created using stencilling,  block printing and hand-painting methods.   The result are these utterly charming and intricate designs printed on rag paper which can be used for wall decoration.  

I stumbled across the Antionette Poisson studio purely by chance when designing my own wallpaper a few years ago, inspired by my german granny's book covers (more on that next week) which have the most pretty prints on and which I used as inspiration for my bedroom wallpaper, I started to research the use of historical documents which displayed these sorts of ornate and charming prints - utterly fascinating! 

wallpaper designs small scale prints

Photo image by Adrian Briscoe for House and Garden 

The domino papers also look super chic when individually framed; a great idea for a gallery wall like this below where the designs by Antionette Poisson were featured at the House and Garden pop up shop event last year.  

Small scale wallpaper designs

Photo image by Rachel Whiting for House and Garden

I love the use of pattern for art and having small scale prints in the home, perfect for the downstairs loo or small office, I'm obsessed with these gorgeous prints!! Also available is a small collection of stationary which show off the designs beautifully. SHOP BELOW

More on Antionette Poisson in the coming months. 

Do you like these small scale prints? Did you know about domino wallpapers? Leave me your comments below.