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Grey is one of my all time favourite colours!

I'm slowly learning to go bolder and take risks with decor as I progress through my KLC course and whatever your interior style, dark grey can be a great colour to start with.  It's been one of THE colours to decorate with over the last few years and a darker shade of grey is becoming super popular, even when used in smaller spaces.   Personally I think get the shade right and it creates a really relaxed, sophisticated and warm vibe, get it wrong and it can feel really depressing and dull so it's all about pairing it with the right colours y'all.

If you are going to use a darker grey,  I think it's a good idea to bare in mind the amount of natural light you have coming into your room (and make sure you have the right lamps in the right places to make the most of the colour if you have a slightly darker room), ceiling height and the colour of existing furniture you have  - all of which can have a big impact on how the colour reflects and the kind of vibe it creates.  

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If you have a grey room or are thinking of going darker grey and can't decide what colour/s to pair with it then look no further than these ideas below.  I've kept these really simple but if you get the initial colour combinations sorted, you can then build on them with another accent colour or two and create a bit more warmth and depth.  I do recommend heading over to Little Greene for a fabulous range of grey's and beautiful inspiration.  Click on the paint colours above to shop the range.  

I have zoned in on bedrooms but of course you can use these colour combinations anywhere in the house, thats the beauty of grey, it looks good anywhere! 


I love this combo of the rich dark grey, just picked up with the navy bedlinen.  It creates such a cosy feel made even warmer by adding dark woods and brass accents with a splash of off white on the duvet cover. 

Grey and Blue Bedroom Decor


A classic combination you cant really go wrong with! Particularly nice in a bedroom for a warm soft vibe.  Again it is just the pinks that have been added within the soft furnishings.  Make it less girly buy introducing deeper plum shades and maybe a nice black and white print. 

Grey and Pink Bedroom Decor


A bit more of a masculine feel, but really smart and sophisticated.  I would personally add a splash of pattern here, maybe stripes or a chevron print to add a bit of depth and warm it up a bit.  White is featured here to offset the harshness of the black and grey.  



One that I'm always a bit unsure about but it can work.  Again just a few subtle splashes of colour here and there. I would like to see a nice big abstract painting with some white, navy and yellow in it to bring everything together.  

What colour goes with grey


I love this look.  Really warm and homely but very smart and chic, probably the most realistic look out of all of them if you have existing soft furnishings you want to keep.  By just adding a few pops of colour, yellow, green and pink, there is still some unity in the space.


So what colour would you pair with grey? Which is your fave?

For more grey decor inspiration check out my dedicated Pinterest Board. 


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