Austrian modern hotel and restaurant alpine decor, the view was incredible.

The trip

Have any of you visited Austria? We've just got back from a brilliant week's stay in the Austrian Alps near a town called Mayrhofen. It was a momentus trip not least because I finally managed to ski down a blue run (the easiest run category!) with the help of my awesome Austrian ski instructor, Walter. Incredibly I have no photographic evidence I actually did this because I was so busy taking shots of the views and of amazing alpine interiors but I'm sure you'll believe me!

Check out this super contemporary mountain top restaurant!

I spent lots of time eating and drinking at this amazing mountain top restaurant called GRANATALM.  A super slic and contemporary new build with the most amazingly huge stretches of glass, giving way to incredible views.  As ski resorts like this one expand and grow, so do the boundaries of design.  I've always loved the warm and cosy feel of traditional wooden chalet interiors, with wall to wall red and green tartans, but it's also cool to see contemporary takes on the classic moulds, such as this, and the decor inside was super inspiring. 

Wood, wood and more wood

Inside this amazing space, there were lots of quirky touches amongst the traditional wooden tables and chairs.

Cool wire and led lighting feature.

Like this abstract wire and led light feature. 

Wood panel and light featur.

I love the simple wood panelling, traditional artwork with contemporary lighting. 

Light fittings at the Granatalm Restaurant in Austria.

Some more bold modern lighting lit up the vast high ceilings. 

Wooden structure and walls at the Granatalm Restaurant in Austria.

This thin planking was used as a divide between a seating area and entrance to the building. 

The clever use of rustic beams, slim planks and panelling was super inspiring but more than anything else it felt so good to be surrounded by all this wood, it was such a big open and contemporary space but also felt really warm and inviting.  It must have a lot to do with being surrounded by a raw natural material.     

It got me thinking

Daniela Tasca York interior design.

Being enveloped by all this wood was so lovely and it got me thinking about how to use wood decor in particular vertical wood panelled walls.   I had a flashback to the utterly gorgeous design that Daniela Tasca York dreamt up in this year's Great Interior Design Challenge.  The wood clad feature wall was a triumph! It created such warmth and depth and complemented the open modern space so well. The pops of colour pulled everything together, it was by far my favourite design throughout the whole series and is THE look I want to emulate one day!

Check out more wood decor ideas below

Wood clad walls like this one in this sort of orange stained colour were a hit in the 60's and 70's, and I dig the effect.   I've scoured the internet and found these lovely updated versions and I love the mid-century modern vibes.  The black stained wood below is a way of making a real industrial statement which is a bit more dramatic and I equally love the white washed version which creates a softer boho look. 

Wood clad walls and floors in this mid century modern interiors scheme.
Image via Now and Then Blog - black stained wood panels.
Design by Oslo based architectural firm Filter photo by Elisabeth Hudson.

Image by Elisabeth Hudson via Design Milk

A mix of vertical and horizontal panelling also creates a cool effect too like this bunk bed scheme.  

Since the trip I have now become obsessed with wood decor and I lOVE the idea of cladding entire walls.  We are in the process of adding traditional style wood panelling to our living room which will look great as it fits the period and style of the room but I do have a dream of one day creating a feature wall like these above in a contemporary big open space.  For now I'm getting my wood decor fix from a new Pinterest board I've created.

Take a look at more wood clad walls, floors and wood accents on my Pinterest Board! 

I also found this little video on YouTube (a very basic, cheesy version) on how to create a wood panelled wall, check it out HERE

So do you feel inspired by the wonder of wood? Have you used wood as an accent or as a feature wall? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

A X 

Cover Image via Seraina