Camilla Pearl Interiors Mood Board Spring/Summer 2017


OK so this has been a long time coming BUT we are finally in the process of re-decorating our living room! I'm soooo excited and can't wait to introduce some gorgeous new colours and pattern into the room.  We had initially planned to go the navy blue route on the new panelled walls - a colour I adore and love in interiors.  Everything was on track, we had painted our wood floor a dark grey colour and picked out some dusky pinks to add in with the soft furnishings.....

However things don't always go to plan! and out of the blue we got given a gorgeous aztec style terracotta rug (image at the top and totally granny chic) with reds, oranges and inky blue tones...clearly a great option to replace our pretty old cream rug with.

I tried long and hard to make the rug (which had now become the focal point of the room) work with the dark grey and navy idea but it just looked really dull and quite oppressive SO in order to let it shine and pop we decided to go white on the floor boards, which in turn led to deciding on a white (slightly off white with a subtle mushroom tint) on the new panelled walls too.  NOW we're talking! My hope is that this will make the rug sing with joy and the room will feel fresh and light.

So-long to the navy I'm afraid and in with the earthy colours!  


These are the two main accent colours I have chosen to work in with the terracotta rug, the first is VERY WELL RED and the second is RHUBARB both by Paper & Paint Library.

Dusky pink paint by Papet & Paint Company
Deep red byPaper & Paint company 

I'm digging these warm and rich colours which crucially match the rug (without being too matchy matchy), so I'm thinking of painting the shelf/alcoves in one of these colours (most likely the darker of the two) and using the other colour as a reference for cushions/soft furnishings/maybe a lampshade along with this lighter pink colour below or a light lavender shade.   This pretty cushion is from H&M which I think is gorgeous - however I'm planning on designing my own fabric in a similar sort of pattern/slightly wonky quirky version and getting it printed myself.  I have been playing around with a few geometric/striped patterns lately so I'm aiming to develop these prints into my own cushion design!


John Williams art work

The white walls will need something punchy on them so it's over to the art to do some talking, I'm aiming to get an artwork painted by moi up on the walls which is kind of daunting since my Art & Design days back at school, but want it to be super personal.  I'll probably add some funky prints in the other panels over time too. 


Brady Tolbert Credit

An area I would love to learn more about and I hope I can create a few little areas to show off some styling.  I've been so inspired by the work of  Brady Tolbert - (one of his Instagram images above) a designer who works as part of the Emily Henderson team in America whom I really admire.  We have some family antiques and old books which I'm hoping to style nicely on the pinky/terracotta painted shelves.  


So in short the basic canvas of the scheme has changed and we are going for the bright light colours on the floors and walls in order to show off the terracotta rug, the contemporary artwork and mix in my favourite dusky pinks with some blues and blacks.

Next steps are to finish our wood panelling, varnishing the now painted white floor and getting some paint on the walls! I'm also looking for some PINK foliage (if anyone knows of an indoor plant with pink leaves/flowers please let me know your favourites) and upholstering a new (old) retro 60's style tub chair which is über cool and chic with my own printed fabric. 

So what do you think? Do you like these earthy tones?

Anna X