Blogger event at Sanderson Hotel with Amara Living, major decor inspiration. 


Amara Tea party at The Sanderson Hotel in London. 

Since starting this blog I've been invited to some pretty exciting events including press previews, product launches and blogger hang outs.  It's been an amazing 12 months and I'm so lucky to have been welcomed into this blogging community with open arms (sounds cheesy but its true!).  

A real highlight for me though was last month when I got to hang out with the Amara team and meet some lovely new bloggers and creatives at the amazing Sanderson Hotel in London.  Amara are a superb luxury online brand who offer an abundance of stylish and tasteful home decor, accessories, gifts and lifestyle products.  If I'm ever on the hunt for a cool and up to the minute home accessory or gift I always check them out.  I remember first hearing their name a few years ago when my pal over at Sunny Todd Prints said they were stocking his designs - I instantly checked them out and have been an avid fan ever since.     


Amara know how to put on a great party and the Sanderson was the perfect venue for the evening.  If you haven't been to this hotel I seriously recommend visiting for some serious interiors inspo.  Think big open spaces, minimalist white decor with pops of eccentric and quirky furniture.  

Amara tea party at The Sanderson Hotel In London
Sanderson Hotel London for Amara blogger hangout

A champagne reception in the amazing courtyard area and a chance to get to introduce ourselves was followed by the most amazing tea party in our own little private dining area! And it was a tipsy one with these cute little infused teas.  

Amara Tea Party at The Sanderson Hotel in London with bloggers -  Camilla Pearl
Amara Tea Party at The Sanderson Hotel in London with bloggers -  Camilla Pearl
Amara Tea Party at The Sanderson Hotel in London with bloggers -  Camilla Pearl

The food was incredible, these little sweet mushrooms were so tasty and I very quickly devoured the entire three tiers of deliciousness.  It was so lovely to meet such inspiring women and like-minded creatives. Being a blogger can mean a whole lot of hours in front of a screen so it's nice to get away from the laptop and actually mingle with real people in real time!! I spent so much time chatting I didn't take a many photos which is very un-bloggery of me but hey, I was in the moment having fun!! How amazing is this table layout! 

Amara Tea Party at The Sanderson Hotel in London with bloggers - Camilla Pearl

A top night had by all and the icing on the cake was my amazing goodie bag filled to the brim with beautiful gifts and treats.  I had a few favourites that I wanted to tell you about though so here they new staples for the holiday season ahead and I know you'll love them!


1. First up is this cute little insulated bottle which keeps your drink hot or cold for 24hrs.  I haven't seen such a gorgeous print on a functional bottle like this in ages and it's far too pretty not to share.  Check out this and more S'well bottles at Amara  HERE 

Amara S'well insulated bottle - great gifts and holiday season essentials 2017.

2. I have used this cute toiletry bag non stop since I got it, it sits on my dressing table with all of my face creams neatly stored away in and I've just taken it away with me too.  It has the most stunning embroidered pineapple print on it with gorgeous gold thread detail and I love that pink velvet fabric!! Take a further look HERE

Amara toiletry bag - spring/summer 2017

3. I actually got a slightly different print to this but this ROUND beach towel is a revelation. It's the perfect beach accessorie and my favourite holiday season show-piece!   Check this one HERE

Amara round beach towel - holiday luxury essentials and gift ideas for 2017.

So all in all a pretty excellent evening and I am so thrilled to have been invited!! Thank you Amara for such a fab event and let's catch up again soon!