Different ways to style and dress your living room mantelpiece.

A few weeks ago I was lucky to be invited to guest post over at the amazing Love Chic Living blog.  It was a real privilege and I eagerly took up the challenge of thinking up a title and shooting some photos in my own home - something I haven't done a whole lot of YET but I'm going to be doing lots more of!! This post is all about styling and dressing your mantelpiece and I wanted to share it with you here....


I've been working hard on our living room makeover for the last couple of months and it's been so much fun to dress the shelves and coffee table.  The fireplace however has become a bit neglected and is need of some attention.  Often the focal point of a living room is the fireplace and a mantelpiece is the perfect place to showcase your unique finds and style personality.  I've been experimenting with a few ways to make the most of this wonderful feature, so if you're stuck for ideas on how to dress your mantelpiece, then take a look at these different approaches on how to style it up and create the wow factor. 


A good starting point is to take some notes of the colours in the room and the general feel of your decor. Do you have a traditional look or a more contemporary feel? Use this as a guide when thinking about what to place on your mantelpiece. Study the fireplace itself; is it a wood surround? is it painted a particular colour? It's all about creating a show stopping centre piece that stands out but that also fits seamlessly in with your existing decor.  So let's take a look at these different looks.  




Different styles and ways to decorate and dress your mantelpiece at home.

Botanicals are hugely on trend at the moment and I suspect will remain so for some time.  Display your favourite indoor potted plants all the way along the mantelpiece to create a unique and bold look.  Try keeping it colour simple with green and white flowers in varying shapes and sizes for depth and interest.  I have used a faux Eucalyptus garland which I picked up from my local garden centre, along with some simple pots and a small cactus plant.  To compliment the look try adding in some botanical art; I have placed a faux leaf in a black frame for a simple addition.  

Top Tip: Mix up real and faux plants - a faux garland like this one above can be used all year round which makes it easy to add in real seasonal plants and accessories to your display as and when.    

How to style your mantelpiece to create an interesting and different feature. Try using greenery like this example from Camilla Pearl Blog.
Looks and styles of mantelpieces and how to dress and style your mantelpiece.




Ways to style your mantelpiece by Camilla Pearl

his is a really fun and creative way to mix up what you already have in your home.  Don't be afraid to have lots of contrast between contemporary pieces and antique objects and trinkets - the more eclectic the better.  This is a great way to showcase your creativity and unique style personality.  I've collected bits and bobs from around the house like these old books, family antiques and a new but very inexpensive light I bought from the high street.  You could try placing an abstract artwork in the centre and then pick out colours from this to use as accents on the shelf.    

Top Tip: Spend as much time as you can arranging and re-arranging your objects, taking photos as you go so that you can look back and see which display you like the best.  You'll find you can spend hours styling in this way and the combinations are endless!

Different ways to style your mantelpiece by Camilla Pearl. Try using eclectic art and accessories to style and dress your mantelpiece.
Eclectic objects for styling your mantelpiece by Camilla Pearl Blog.




Gallery wall art for styling your mantelpiece by Camilla Pearl Blog.

Gallery walls and shelves serve as a fantastic way to show off your favourite prints, photos and canvases.  It's also nice to lean your artwork against the wall instead of hanging them separately and overlapping them as if creating a collage.  If you don't have much to play with in terms of art there are lots of online stores which sell amazingly cool and affordable framed prints.  Try mixing up bold pops of colour or alternatively just display black and white prints for a contemporary and masculine look.   You could also add in some objects like a vase or an antique or two to warm the look up.  

Top Tip: If you can, mix up your art subjects.  A combination of landscapes, portraits and abstract pieces that are all unique but that compliment each other will create a really stylish look.  

A simple gallery wall for styling your mantelpiece.
How to style your mantelpiece different ways to style the shelf with gallery wall by Camilla Pearl.

So what do you think of these three styling approaches? Do you have a favourite? It's all about creating a fun and individual feature which is totally unique to you, so be confident with your creativity and enjoy styling up your mantelpiece! 

Three ways to style your mantelpiece at home with Camilla Pearl Interiors Blog.

Thank you to my little assistant for this styling your mantelpiece project!

What do you think of these looks? Do you have a favourite? Leave me your comments!