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I'm currently on the hunt for a new sofa to replace my beloved granny's 1960's version which you will have seen if you read my living room before and after post from last week (I love it but its soooo uncomfortable).  In fact, I spend a lot of time perusing sofa's and footstools online whether I'm after a new one or not.  A big investment but one that will most certainly make a dramatic impact on how a room looks and feels, so it's vital to think about the practicalities; things like the size in relation to the room (also will it fit through the door), the shape, comfort level, and overall style, plain fabric, patterned etc, how long will it last...the list of factors to consider goes on! Personally, I love classic styles and contemporary in equal measure so when I saw the new collection by House & Garden Magazine in collaboration with luxury furniture crafters Arlo & Jacob to celebrate their 70th anniversary, I just had to shout about it on the blog today.  There are some cute styles and pretty fabrics, modern takes on the classics, so well worth a look if you're about the make a sofa purchase.  Price wise the new collection is reasonable, considering these pieces are all handcrafted by Arlo & Jacob, the quality looks great. 

"For the House & Garden team, admiring and sitting on beautifully shaped furniture is part of daily life, so applying their trained eye to their own unique range was a natural conclusion. Filling an obvious niche to bring smart, elegant, well-tailored sofas and chairs to a wider market at an accessible price, the collection is inspired by the shapes found in the homes within the pages of the magazine itself: stylish, much loved classics brought up to date, rethought and refined"  

The collection includes six designs including sofas, chairs and an ottoman, with the potential to tweak features like the casters and leg colours and of course the fabric print and colour.  Each design is available in a few sizes with the choice of up to 20 fabrics chosen by House & Garden like these below, as well as over 120 of Arlo & Jacob’s house fabrics.  There's plenty of scope to tailor a sofa to your style whether it be for a contemporary or more traditional space, versatility and comfort are the unique selling points here, with good value thrown in.  Here are some of the designs... 

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The TENNISON design (my favourite) from £940 - more details HERE


The HOLMES from £890 - more details HERE

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The POIROT armchair from £810 - more details HERE

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The TENNISON armchair from £940 - more details HERE


The HASTINGS ottoman from £510 - more details here


My absolute favourite is the Tennison design in zingy blue which is probably closest to my existing sofa shape...decisions decisions... 

Visit Arlo & Jacob to see the full collection.