Colours From the Med

I was in sunny San Pedro De Alacantara in Spain for a week recently and as usual LOVED soaking up all wonderful colour and floral displays wherever my feet took me.  I haven't been to Marbella since I was eight years old so clearly A LOT has changed but the air of fun and spontenaety was just as I remember it and something I love about being in Espana.  What I love most is to spot pops of colour and more importantly the combinations of colour that jump out at me.   It all helps me to visualise potential interior room colour schemes and of course colours and patterns for my print designs.  So I thought I would document a few of my favourites from our stay below.   


House Anna colour inspiration from Marbella in Spain

I instantly fell in love with that stunning green which adorned a front garden wall, the black and white street name plaque and the messy white flowers wildly draping down over it all.....colour combo perfection. 

Stripe inspiration and colour ideas from a trip to Marbella in Spain

Give me a stripe any day of the week and I'm happy but I particularly LOVED this bellowing striped tent effect on the ceiling at a local cafe along the sea front.  I could totally handle this in a bedroom on the ceiling as well as on the walls...

Trip to Marbella in Spain to soak up all the colour and pattern inspiration.

I also must have subconsciously remembered this photo above when I went shopping to the ZARA (which was EPIC by the way as all Zara's in Europe tend to be) and bought this pretty stripy skirt and pink wrap top below in nearby Peurto Banus.  I'm not sure I could handle this level of bright pink, blue and white in contrast at home but I was happy to wear it...

Colour and pattern inspiration from a trip to Marbella in Spain by House Anna
Palm trees in Marbella Spain, colour and pattern inspiration from House Anna

Clearly I have now become obsessed with palm trees and have started a search on how the hell to get hold of an indoor one which, so far, has proved really difficult.   The best I could find were a cute selection from Blooming Artificial take a look HERE

Pink on pink flowers and house inspiration in Marbella Spain

Who can resist some pink on pink, the flowers were INSANELY bright and I loved the pop of hot pink against this faded pink pavement, oh and the shadows were pretty too!

Till next time amigos, 


(Interior decor images above by Living Etc | Architectural Digest)