Colour; so much potential, yet so many of us are daunted by using it boldly in our homes (and I'm one of them).  I suppose being a "summer personality" kind of person, I'm naturally drawn to soft pinks, blues and greys and avoid the dramatic colours unless it’s in a piece of art say.   Deep down though and in other areas of my self expressions (fashion), I also love stronger, bolder versions of the muted pastel tones I'm familiar with, and admire those who really express themselves through colour even if it means a blank canvas of white and pops of colour in furniture and pattern.  Have you ever picked up a paint chart and got lost in the vivid greens, the bright pinks and the sunny yellow's, then quickly gone back to picking out from the "safe colour zone"?  I know, if I could just step outside of that safe zone and take a risk on an emerald green hallway or peach sofa, the reward would be worth it.  So for the rest of 2019 I am creating the possibility of taking some risks with colour and look forward to enjoying the process.  In this article I thought I would share a few ways in which I'm planning on stepping into the world of colour in the hope it inspires you to take the plunge in really expressing yourself and having fun with some new tones in your home decor and styling.  I have found it useful to start off with looking at the use of more subtle colour combinations and gradually working one's way up to the more bright and bold looks.  


 I have to admit I'm addicted to white walls and floors but I've found that unless you have at least one other main dominant colour in the space, it's difficult to get a coherent look.  This otherwise white walled bedroom comes together beautifully here by adding in the strip of ice blue together with the colour accents on the bed.  The space still has light and airy feel but the colour has power and effect in it at the same time.   This is one to try if you have lots of white space which could do with a "pick me up". 



This is a particularly pretty door made even prettier by the pink paint choice.   Why not re-paint your front door this Spring in your absolute favourite colour.  The colour of your front entrance need not have any link whatsoever to the colour palette inside so I believe this is an area you can really be bold with, as long as it's neighbour friendly of course! 

Image by Little Greene Paint Company - Dorchester Pink.jpg


A really simple and easy way to add a zip of colour to an entire wall without painting any of it.  Just adding in some colourful mounts to existing prints or photos you have and then framing them in black, or white will make a real colour statement.  You could go pastel here, or stick to one colour of mount to create a different kind of feel.  Colour contrast with your existing furniture and accessories or tie in with your cushions and sofa like this idea below. 

Image by Martha Stewart article on adding colour to your home.jpg


A great way to start playing with colour is to look up and get some colour on your ceiling.  Statement ceilings are a big trend this year and as long as you balance out the colour on top with another area of dominant colour or pattern below, this look can totally work.  

paint_by_conran_mon_amie_and_november_gorse (1).jpg


A great way to add layers of colour to a space is by using the simple technique of colour blocking.   Start with just one area and gradually build up to a few colour blocking zones.  This otherwise neutral kitchen has been vamped up by adding in the yellow arch and the red alcove above the cooker, both of which work amazingly with the main body of colour on the walls. 



Take out the yellow accent on the staircase and the black and grey skirting of this room, and it would still be a stunning space, but wow don't these colours have real impact and change the way this room feels.  The use of colour has added a playful edge which is perfectly set against the masculine backdrop in the rest of the room, and it’s an element that can be easily changed up as and when the mood takes you. Swap the yellow for a pastel or black….

Image by Little Greene Paint Company UK.jpg


Using opposite colours of the good old fashioned colour wheel will give you a dramatic feel for sure, but don't feel intimidated by it.  This look nedent look garish.  By using the right tones mixed in with some neutrals like the chairs, floors and shutters in this room below, you'll balance out the theatrical feel and create a soft, warm and inviting space to relax in.  



Image by Little Greene Paint Company.png



Like anything, change is uncertain and putting yourself out there when it comes to expressing your style through your home interior can be daunting.  Colour though is such an amazing tool in self-expression and there is so much fun to be had by experimenting with it.  I am defo learning that in order to grow your own style the only way is to start changing things up and get paint on the wall. If in doubt, start by adding colour to areas which are tucked away like the downstairs loo, utility room, home office or attic room.  This way you can gradually build up your colour threshold and work out what works and what may not.  Will you join me in stepping outside of your colour comfort zone and adding in some new colours to your home this year?