I love everything about pattern. I’m literally obsessed with scouting for it everywhere I go. The possibility of using pattern in the home is endless and I love how it can add such character and personality to a space. I get loads of inspo (see the inspiration page here) from various things, places and people but flowers are always a constant source of inspiration.


This is the first collection of fabrics I’ve created off the back of artwork and I always start out with a big blank canvas and just play around with colour, shapes and make marks with strokes of the brush. Sometimes this naturally flows into a basic pattern theme like this one below but sometimes it ends up as an abstract artwork.



Once I’m done with the canvas I will then take it over to paper and use watercolour to pick out any details I want to develop a bit more. I’ve also been experimenting with charcoal recently too and this is the best thing to do wacky freehand florals with.

With this first collection, I also tried experimenting with the scale of the pattern, although the Harriet and Camilla prints are the same design, they look so different in small and large scales, and this is a great way to add more interest if you’re mixing up pattern in the home.

Trans Camilla Cushion.png
Trans Harriet Small Scale Cushion.png


It’s then a case of adding layers of colour to the pattern and sampling these with the fabric and wallpaper manufacturers. This stage took sooooo long, way longer than I had imagined but it was vital to make sure the colours came out right and suited the pattern! I’ll be posting more behind the scenes over on the House_Anna_ instagram page along the way.